Costa Mesa Brick Masonry

Dedicated Brick Masonry in Costa Mesa, California

Brick masonry is a construction made from various bricks and mortar types to build a highly durable structure. The procedure involves laying bricks in a systematic fashion using mortar as an adhesive to build strong structures of various shapes and sizes. Most of the constructions we come across in your daily life, such as homes, shopping malls, apartments, bridges, garden walls, etc., are constructed using brick masonry.

Costa Mesa Concrete Company – Your Brick Masonry Specialists

We, at Costa Mesa Concrete Company, understand how important these structures are in our day to day life and hence, undertake such projects with at most sincerity and honesty.

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Brick Masonry Importance

Structures made using brick masonry are so common in everyday life that we often fail to take notice of their importance. They provide us with the shelter to keep ourselves safe from the extremities of the climate; they provide us with the roof to conduct our businesses, provide us with roads and bridges to commute and make sense that we give their due importance.

Brick Masonry Projects – Why Hire Us?

Our brick masonry experts, over the years, have handled diverse projects involving a variety of mud, cement, and lime mortars. We have a track record of successfully completing temporary structures made of mud mortar as well as permanent structures made of cement or lime brick masonry. Whatever challenges a project has thrown at us, we have always accomplished them. And this is because we follow the basics of brick masonry to the T.

  • We always use top-quality bricks
  • Ensure that the bricks when laid horizontally have a uniform surface
  • Ensure that the vertical walls are even by regularly checking the with the plumb-bob
  • We never use brickbats
  • We never rise a wall to more than 1.5 meters in a day as it would affect its strength
  •  We always leave the bricks tooth edged when work is halted for the day so they can be made to bond strongly with other bricks when work resumes
  • We make it a point to cure the brick masonry/advise the customers to cure the structures for at least two weeks

Why use Brick Masonry?

  • Since the bricks are regular in shape, achieving uniformity is easy in brick masonry compared to stone masonry including paving stones.
  • Bricks are low in weight, so handling them is easy.
  • Because of their low weight, brick masonry transportation costs are also less.
  • Creating walls of variable thickness can be achieved using bricks.
  • Brick walls allow easy openings to form doors and windows.
  • Structure made of brick masonry is highly resistant to fire and weather.

With so many advantages along with a readily available helping hand in the form of Costa Mesa Concrete Company, what else could you have probably asked for?

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