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If you are looking for a way to incorporate the chic and stylish look of high-quality stone into your building project, then look no further than the Costa Mesa Concrete Company as our stone veneers will last your for many years while boosting the overall aesthetic of your premises for a fraction of the cost of installing full natural stone. 

There are so many designs to choose from and various stone veneer application possibilities, which would give you the room to be as creative as possible with your space and make it look exactly how you want. From old-world charm to a contemporary polished look, we have a wide variety of texture, shapes, and colors of Costa Mesa stone veneers to suit your style and preferences.

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Residential Application

Let Costa Mesa Concrete Company inspire your creative designs in the application of stone veneers in your home. If you enjoy and desire the stunning, three-dimensional look of stone, rest assured that we will give you lasting elegance and style. Our team of experts will add extra style to your outdoor floors, sidewalks, and patios. Stone veneers are fast and easy to install on any surface that is structurally sound. From interior focal walls, fireplaces, and room accents to pool decks, patio, or even retaining walls and posts, let us employ our creativity in giving you inspirational stone veneer work that would be delivered on time and in the exact way you want it. 

Commercial Application

The use of cast stone veneers for commercial properties is fast becoming a trend among business owners. The rise of this trend has given architects, designers, and contractors the chance to create amazing designs with stone veneers without the high costs of using natural stones. Our team will install stone veneers to your entrance ways, stairs, walls, etc. of your commercial property, and these will provide years of functionality and beauty to your premises. 

Landscape Design

Our experts can integrate stone veneers easily into the outdoor of your home or business to give your property curb appeal. The possibilities of stone veneers are truly limitless as you can cover any old block wall with modern-style stone veneers or redesign your patio to look more rustic. You can create a gazebo or wish well in your garden or any hardscape design you may dream of. Stone veneers are practical, beautiful, and easy to use construction elements that would not cost you an arm and a leg to execute. 

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At Costa Mesa Concrete Company, we give our residential and commercial clients the best of concrete and masonry services. All our client projects are handled uniquely and carefully to ensure each client’s needs are met. Whether you desire stone veneers for indoor or outdoor applications, rest assured that we have got you covered.

Call us today at (949) 763-3461 for a free quote on and let us give you the best customer service and perfect stone veneer work that will look amazing and stand the test of time.