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Welcome to Costa Mesa Concrete Company! We are a first-class masonry contractor in the Costa Mesa area. Offering a full-service and top quality Costa Mesa masonry contractor for both residential and commercial clients.

We take pride in the success of our numerous projects and deliver the best quality of masonry work to our clients. Get completed project by contractors that employ good work ethic, timely delivery of jobs, and great results. Dial (949) 763-3461 for free quotes!

Our dedicated contractor provide high quality work that stands decades of use with minimal maintenance. We will be working closely with you to ensure that your masonry project will meet, if not, surpass your expectations!

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About Costa Mesa Company Masonry Work

We have great experience in handling all kinds of stonework, and with our flexible knowledge and approach to what we do, there is no type of task that we can not take care of as regards to your masonry and concrete projects. Some of our masonry services include but are not limited to boundary walls, retaining walls, tuck-pointing, fireplace installation, driveways, and so much more. 

At Costa Mesa Concrete Company, our stone specialists can finish your walls with a wide variety of finishes and techniques ranging from rubble walls to ashlar. So whether you prefer trendy fireplaces or traditional flagstone flooring, our specialist masons will handle all of your masonry needs when you hire us. 

We are focused on giving our clients great quality work delivered on time; therefore, we pay attention to details to ensure all project objectives are made and surpassed without exceeding your set budget for your masonry project. So call us right away on (949) 763-3461 and let us get started on your work. 

Our Services

No matter what kind of stone masonry work you want to be done on your property, rest assured that we have you covered as we can take on virtually all kinds of stonework and brickwork there is. Two essential masonry services we provide our clients (among others) are tuck-pointing and paving. 


If your residential or commercial property is aging, then you most definitely require a tuck-pointing service. When you get professional tuck-pointing done on your property, you prolong the vitality of your building by ensuring that mortar between the bricks is safeguarded from structural damage and damage by moisture. As trained and experienced masonry contractors, we are able to provide your property with the best quality of tuck-pointing. We will strip off the deteriorating mortar and replace it with new and stronger concrete. Bear in mind that tuck-pointing ensures your building is not susceptible to damage or leaks. Our care and expertise are what make us the best stonework contractors in the Costa Mesa area.


Paving is stonework that allows homeowners to design and construct unique patios or walkways to complement their design theme. At Costa Mesa Concrete Company, we provide you with the best paving services in the area. Therefore, if you want to maximize your residential property’s outdoor living space with a custom paving design, look no further as we will make your dream come true. We assist homeowners in achieving that unique outdoor look by employing differently colored pavers. We will design a scenic walkway, creating a gorgeous outdoor look for your home. We will make use of a wide array of textures and hues to enable us to achieve unlimited possibilities on your property. 

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At Costa Mesa Concrete Company, we lay emphasis on being a reliable and highly-recommended masonry contractor in the Costa Mesa area. We work with high-quality tools, resources and provide you with great services at honest prices, so call us today (949) 763-3461 and schedule an appointment for your next stonework job.