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If you like to entertain guests or are a lover of nature, then your pool area might be one of your favorite spots in your home. And what is better than having a beautiful pool deck to match your landscaping and hardscaping. A great pool should be a combination of beauty, sophistication, and functionality. 

It does not matter whether you require a brand new installation, a simple repair, complete resurfacing or design change, Costa Mesa Concrete Company can handle your pool deck work for you. We will take you through your project stage by stage to ensure that we are giving you exactly what you wish for. Costa Mesa pool deck team is a highly skilled and well-trained team to handle the job to perfection.

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Pool Deck Services

Swimming pool areas at home are a great space to relax during a cool day, sunbathe or even enjoy an ice-cold on a hot day. When they are broken or slippery due to wear and tear, they are less enjoyable and can even be risky. Get your home a brand new cool deck in brick, stone, or concrete with Costa Mesa Concrete Company and give your pool a much-needed facelift. Call us today on (949) 763-3461  and get accurate estimates on your project plus professional guidance and tonnes of designs and options to choose from. 

We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with the best concrete and masonry services including restoration, resurfacing, pool coping designs, and other services. When you hire us to take care of your concrete job, you can rest assured that our concrete contractors will give you top-quality results. 

New Pool Deck Construction

When you add a deck to your swimming pool, you create a useful space to towel off after you are done with your swimming laps. You will also have a nice place to chill out with friends and family during a pool party. When you desire a new look for your swimming pool at home, you can depend on Costa Mesa Concrete Company for long-lasting kool decks worth every cent. 

Our pool experts can work with you to create or choose a deck design for your swimming pool area and to also choose the right materials for the kool deck. When we handle your pool deck job, you can rely on us to complete it safely within a reasonable duration and at a cost that will not dig a hole in your pocket. 

Swimming Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pools usually have a finish, which protects them from the elements and reduces the risk of pool chemicals damaging the deck over time. As years go by, your pool deck can end up with flaws that would make it unsightly, uncomfortable, and maybe even unsafe to walk on. The pool deck experts at Costa Mesa Concrete Company will resurface your deck and keep it in excellent condition. 

Regardless of the kind of surface you currently have on your pool deck, our specialists can deliver high-quality resurfacing services to you. These services will make your deck look new, modern, stylish, and increase functionality, and also enhance the appearance of your entire swimming pool area. 

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If you are looking for a concrete and masonry contractor in your area or near you, do not settle for poor workmanship and even poorer results with your project. Contact the Costa Mesa Concrete Company via (949) 763-3461 and get a pool deck that would make your poolside look amazing.