Costa Mesa Stained Concrete 

The Best Stained Concrete Contractor in Costa Mesa, California

In recent times, many concrete contractors like the Costa Mesa Concrete Company have begun incorporating stained concrete flooring in commercial and residential settings based on popular demand by homeowners who are catching on the trend of decorative concrete. Stained concrete is a great decorative surface as it has some benefits to offer, which include but are not limited to durability, low maintenance, and cost savings. Call us on (949) 763-3461 and offer you assistance and guidance on how to get beautiful Costa Mesa stained concrete

These benefits make it the ideal choice for literally any kind of renovation project. Stained concrete is fast becoming a trend as it provides homeowners with a unique aesthetic appeal by combining a variety of beautiful designs with concrete sturdiness.

Below are some key benefits of installing stained concrete floors in your home or business premises. 

Aesthetic Appeal

The uniqueness and beauty of stained concrete floors can make any space look as sophisticated and elegant as pricey floorings choices like granite, slate, travertine, and marble. At Costa Mesa Concrete Company, we can help you achieve the appearance of more luxurious floors for a fraction of the cost by applying acid stains to your new or existing concrete floor to create a stylish and elegant space. 

Enduring Durability and Resilience

One of the best characteristics of stained concrete floors is that no matter where it is installed, whether indoors or outdoors, it is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear and is also resistant to discoloration, fading, and the effects of exposure to ultraviolet light. As a matter of face, concrete flooring generally offers great strength and durability, unlike many other kinds of floorings that will buckle, warp, or flake with time. Staining a concrete surface is different from painting it as acid stains will never peel or chip. 

Naturally Water Resistant

Acid-stained concrete surfaces are permeable to some extent, but the absorption of a little amount of moisture will not cause any negative effects to the surface itself, which means that these floors will not warp, rot or fade like other floors types because of exposure to moisture. 

Low or No Maintenance Required 

Compared to other types of floors, acid stained concrete floors and surfaces do not require high maintenance as they can be swept, mopped or wiped easily without any need for special materials to maintain their appeal. High traffic areas such as patios may require some re-polishing every now and then to keep the sheen and luster of the floor. 

We Are A Phone Call Away

At Costa Mesa Concrete Company we offer our clients stylish, elegant, and beautiful acid stain concrete floors and surfaces that come in a variety of stunning colors and vibrant stains to ensure that we create that unique luxurious effects and appearance you desire for your patios, driveways, outdoor kitchens and virtually any space within your residential or commercial property. Call us today via  (949) 763-3461 and get more information about our stained concrete services near you.