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Welcome to the Costa Mesa Concrete Company. We are a team of meticulous, reliable, and dedicated concrete and masonry professionals that will aid you with everything required to make your home design project a success. We offer accurate cost estimations and also duration estimations for every job we handle. When you call us on (949) 763-3461, our specialists will provide your free professional consultation too. 

Improving the curb appeal of your property is quite easy, as all you require is a fantastic concrete driveway installation. With a flawless Costa Mesa stamped driveway, your premises, whether residential or commercial is sure to be a fascination with your guests. 

All that is required is for you to call us what you desire for your driveway. We will proffer you great design options, patterns, and finishings for your proposed stamped driveway. We will also give you guidance and recommendations on each phase of your concrete work to make sure the final result exceeds your expectations and leaves you more than satisfied. Costa Mesa Concrete Company is here to apply our expertise and help you as our customer to achieve a fantastic result that is worth your time is taken and money spent.

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About Stamped Concrete Driveways

There are many great features and benefits of having a stamped driveway as part of your outdoor design. Aside from its aesthetic value, stamped concrete driveways are highly durable than driveways built with other materials. If your stamped concrete driveway is installed right, it will last up to 40 years before requiring fixing or replacing. 

When we at Costa Mesa Concrete Company install your stamped concrete driveways, we do not overlook one important step: the preparation of the driveway sub-base as this will ensure that your driveway is durable. 

Instead of leaving your stamped concrete driveway in its natural color, you can color or stain yours to add curb appeal to your property and boost your home’s value if you ever place it on the market. 

Stamped concrete driveways are very low-maintenance surfaces as they do not allow weeds or plants to grow through, so no need to pull out plants. They also can be washed with a high-pressure washer to remove stains or algae. 

Other Services 

Apart from installing brand new stamped concrete driveways, we also offer additional services that would lengthen the lifespan of your concrete work and ensure you get value for your money spent. 

When your stamped driveway has a stain or coloring, you should do well to ensure the surface does not fade or lose its shine too quickly. Our concrete professionals can seal your stamped concrete driveways to ensure it looks great and functions excellently for years before needing a resealing. 

Another service we at Costa Mesa Concrete Company provides our customers is an additive that will be sprayed on the surface along with the sealer to give the driveway a non-slip grip. 

Call us on (949) 763-3461 and let us give you excellent services and stamped concrete driveways that would make your home look fantastic.