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The value of your home depends on many factors. By adding new retaining walls or by renovating the existing ones properly, is sure to increase the value of your home. The main points to ponder while renovating or building a new retaining wall is the quality of material and installation.

Why Costa Mesa Concrete Company?

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We are Costa Mesa Concrete Company and we take the pride of being known as retaining wall experts. Retaining walls in Costa Mesa installed by us are known to withstand all adversities for years. The reason being, the superior quality of materials we use and the expertise which we bring in with us to install it.

What is a Retaining Wall and What are its Uses?

Retaining wall is a structure made of stones, concrete or masonry, which maintains the bottom surfaces at different elevations and provides lateral support to the soil slopes that are vertical in shape. They are often a part of landscaping and help in holding the soil, which may otherwise collapse. The reason to hold back soil may vary. Some may do it to set off a patio or create pathways in their backyard, while others may want to restrain the soil to form narrow roads. Whatever the cause is, retaining wall as the name suggests acts as a soil retainer.

Building a retaining wall is not as simple it sounds or it looks after completion. It is for you to decide which type of retaining wall you want to install, be it a concrete one or a masonry one, it takes a lot of planned effort to build something that lasts for decades. We at Costa Mesa Concrete Company are known for these very virtues.

Types of Retaining Wall

We are well versed in building all types of retaining walls mentioned below:

MSE or Mechanical Stable Earth Walls

These are nonconventional types of retaining wall. They are very economical and are built to requirement. These include panel walls made of wood, concrete walls made of concrete blocks and temporary earth walls.

Brick, Stone and Masonry Retaining Walls

As the name suggests, these are made of brick and stone using mortar or concrete to fill in the gaps. These are ideal when you are short on space.

Other Conventional Retaining Walls

These include Gravity and Semi-Gravity holding walls, Cantilever Retaining walls, Buttressed and Counterfort retaining walls, sheet piles and other miscellaneous retaining walls.

If you are planning to install any one of the above and are looking for a local retaining wall contractor, please give us a call at (949) 763-3461 to get free estimates. At Costa Mesa Concrete Company, we work with the sole aim of customer satisfaction.