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No matter what form your concrete surface takes or what function it fulfills, your concrete slab ought to be sturdy, durable, and safe from the first day of construction. At Costa Mesa Concrete Company, our priority is ensuring that we deliver to our customers the best quality of poured concrete for your driveways, patios, walkways, and more. We do not just meet your expectations; we surpass them.

The crew of concrete experts at Costa Mesa Concrete Company will employ their professional experience and high standard skills in the execution of your concrete work, whether it is a brand new concrete construction or fixing an existing concrete surface that has cracked or worn out over the years. Our customers trust us to deliver high-quality concrete construction and repair work thanks to our emphasis on timely job execution and great customer service.

Call us on (949) 763-3461 and let us give you our excellent Costa Mesa concrete pouring services at honest fees that would not put you in the red.

Concrete Pouring

A good concrete slab is a versatile surface as it can be used for a variety of constructions ranging from a patio to sidewalks and even flooring an entire industrial complex. When a concrete slab is made from excellent cement and handled by experts, it will be a solid surface that can hold the weights of many different kinds of objects, so each step of installing a concrete or cement slab must be executed with care and expertise to prevent premature cracks.

When the concrete professionals at Costa Mesa Concrete Company pour your concrete slab, we lay emphasis on preparing the sub-base, making sure it is clear and compact in order to give maximum support to the weight of the concrete that would be poured over. A form made of wood is set to give the concrete whatever shape is desired based on your requirements.

The wet concrete is poured into the wooden form and then is smoothened out or textured, depending on your personal preference and what you want to achieve with your concrete slab. The final step is allowing the concrete to cure until it is set and ready to be used.

Rest assured that Costa Mesa Concrete Company will be with you at every stage of your concrete work execution to ensure your concrete is poured properly and cured without issues arising. Our skilled and experienced concrete contractors have what it takes to install the most sturdy concrete slabs that would be resistant to settlement and cracks. We will create a concrete slab that will withstand time, wear and tear, and the elements for many years to come!

Why Choose Costa Mesa Concrete Company?

We offer our clients smart slab designs as we consider details such as slab thickness, formwork, reinforcement, and finishing to ensure your concrete work meets the conditions of your site and end-use requirements.

When you hire us for your concrete installation work, our concrete experts will look out for details like strength, slump, curing time, and freeze resistance to ensure your concrete is of high quality.

Our excellent craftsmanship will make certain that your concrete work is handled perfectly, from excavation to final site cleanup. It definitely makes a huge difference when your job is taken care of by highly skilled people.

At Costa Mesa Concrete Company, we take pride in our high level of craftsmanship that goes into every job we take on, so call us onĀ (949) 763-3461 and let us begin on your concrete pouring project.

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