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Expert Concrete Foundation Contractors in Costa Mesa, California

The foundation of any building has a significant role to play as it is the part that holds the entire structure in place. It is highly essential that the foundation of a building is durable and strong. If the foundation of any building is not up to standard, then the whole structure is worthless. For strong and high enduring foundations, concrete is the best choice of material as it is the most commonly employed foundation material for any kind of construction. Costa Mesa Concrete Company is experienced and has the expertise to deliver a broad series of services to our clients ranging from concrete pouring to concrete foundation construction. We make boast that our Costa Mesa concrete foundations are of topnotch quality. We certainly tick all boxes in our service to ensure ultimate client satisfaction. 

Scope of Our Service

Our concrete foundation services cater to our clients’ needs as we provide services for residential, commercial, and even industrial purposes. 

Residential Foundation Service

Our concrete professionals offer high craftsmanship and can deliver strong foundations for your home. We can improvise our techniques according to your home’s design and give you an estimated cost of service beforehand to ensure that all our executions on your residential property are within your preferences and budget.

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Commercial Foundation Service

We also offer concrete foundation service for all types of commercial buildings ranging from small businesses to conglomerates, from churches to condominiums, our concrete experts will certainly deliver your project in the best form and time. 

Industrial Foundation Service

We take pride in our ability to deliver state of the art concrete foundation services to industries. Our foundations will be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, the effects of the elements, and, more importantly, will withstand time as we ensure the longevity of our completed projects. 

Types of Concrete Foundations 

We create the most common type of concrete foundation, being the T-shaped foundation. This type is ideal for areas where the temperature hits below the freezing point. 

Another type of foundation we construct is the Raft foundation, where the actual foundation is a huge concrete slab that gives the building support. 

The Slab-On-Grade foundation requires the concrete finishing to be poured directly on gravel to form a solid base. This type of foundation needs expert handling, which is why you should rely on tried and tested concrete experts such as the Costa Mesa Concrete Company. 

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We also offer our clients concrete foundation repair services by determining the level of foundation damage then improvising to stop further damage while repairing what is already damaged. We are a full-service concrete and masonry company with great work ethics, years of experience, professional training, and honest estimations. 

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