Costa Mesa Railroad Tie Retaining Walls

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Railroad Ties Retaining Walls in Costa Mesa, CA

Costa Mesa homeowners often have a dilemma when it comes to retaining walls. They want a wall that is attractive, functional, and long-lasting. Railroad ties are an ideal solution for these homeowners. Similar to other synthetic materials such as cinder blocks, railroad ties are designed to be sturdy enough for both residential and commercial applications of any size. In addition, they’re more affordable than natural stone or brick options which can also allow you to keep your budget in check with this project!  

The best part? Railroad tie retaining walls have the added perk of being more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts! A great option for those who care about sustainability, railroad tie walls can actually help reduce stormwater runoff by trapping pollutants before they reach local waterways.

Retaining walls are a great way to add both style and functionality to your yard. For more information on railroad ties retaining wall in Costa Mesa, CA, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Types of Railroad Ties for Retaining Walls

Railroad ties are a popular choice for homeowners looking to construct a retaining wall. However, there are various types of railroad ties that can be used depending on the application and desired appearance. One type of tie is the standard wooden railroad tie. These ties come in lengths between 8-10 feet and can be found at most construction supply stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

Another type of tie is called an I-tie because it has an “I” shape horizontally across one end where it was once attached to rails during use as part of a train track. This type comes in many different sizes (6-8 feet) but they’re typically shorter than traditional ones which means you need more pieces per wall if you want them flush with each other when finished.

Both railroad ties and I-ties are pressure treated with either chromate copper arsenate (CCA) or ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate (ACZA). This helps protect the wood from damage due to insects, worms, fungi, decay, or fire while it’s in use outdoors.

Are Railroad Ties Good for Retaining Walls?

The answer is yes, they are! Railroad ties can be used in a variety of ways. They make great bases for retaining walls and the rebar within the tie helps hold the wall together. A few other uses are as anchors when building roads or paths on uneven ground, drainage control devices to divert water from an area, and even landscaping features that resemble logs. If you’re looking to build a new retaining wall with railroad ties, Costa Mesa Concrete Company can help!

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